Königsgalerie, Duisburg

Strengthen customer ties

Give Discounts

Score points with your customers!

By refunding parking fees, you can win over your customers and increase your reputation. There are two ways to secure a discount: with a small, handy device at the till or with the help of an EAN bar code.

If you choose the device, you cover part of or all of your customers’ parking fees. To do this, the parking slip is inserted into the device, then a green light signals that everything is fine and it’s done. The customer takes the discounted ticket, inserts it into the car park’s pay machine and pays the reduced fee.

Another convenient solution is a discount with an EAN bar code. The bar code is then printed on the ticket upon entry into the car park. For remuneration to take place, the bar code must be recorded just once in your inventory control system as a product with a negative sum of money. You can determine the amount to be remunerated yourself (e.g. 1 euro). The customer’s parking slip is scanned by the goods scanner at the shop till and the remuneration is shown as a discount on the bill. With this method you don’t need any additional discounting devices. Shopping centres and shopping streets benefit especially: if the customer receives a discount in various shops, customer relations are improved.

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