Cash-free parking


GOLDBECK Parking offers three different ParkCards for short and long term users
with utmost flexibility and no scrambling for change. You can choose between
the Seasonal ParkCard, the Comfort ParkCard and the Prepaid ParkCard.


Seasonal ParkCard

Parking is easy and cheap with the orange Seasonal ParkCard: with this you can use any car park as often as you like and whenever you like. Please note: The Seasonal ParkCard has a minimum validity period of three months.

Order your Seasonal ParkCard here.


Comfort ParkCard

Park where you like, as often as you like. The parking fees will be deducted monthly from your account. You will receive an itemisation of the parking times and locations with your invoice. There is a one-off fee of 5 euros for the Comfort ParkCard payable upon booking.

Order your Comfort ParkCard here.


Prepaid ParkCard

What’s already possible with a mobile phone now also works with parking: the blue Prepaid ParkCard can be loaded online with the amount you desire. Then you can simply "park away" the credit. The incurred fees will be charged automatically upon your exit from the car park.

Order your Prepaid ParkCard here.